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Restaurant Depot and Cheetah Bring Last Mile Delivery to Independent Restaurants

San Francisco, Calif. - At a glance, Restaurant Depot, a decades-old, multi-billion-dollar cash-and-carry chain, and Cheetah, a three-year-old startup, make unlikely allies. On closer inspection, however, their collaboration is both pragmatic and based on natural affinity. Restaurant Depot has succeeded by selling on a cash and carry basis almost exclusively to small, independent restaurants and other professional kitchens. Their model is members only, but there are no membership fees or minimum orders. By focusing on independent restaurants and servicing all orders in-store, overhead is kept low, while giving small businesses the same purchasing power as larger enterprises. 

Cheetah provides a mobile app for purchasing wholesale supplies and tracking past orders, with same or next-day delivery. Crucially, customers can view real-time wholesale prices, with no markup, as Cheetah charges only for deliveries. By focusing solely on local businesses, Cheetah acts as a force multiplier for Restaurant Depot’s fundamental value proposition: top-quality products, sold at peak freshness, for unbeatable prices.

Apart from their relative sizes and ages, Restaurant Depot and Cheetah have much in common. Both companies’ management pride themselves on a hands-on, owner/operator ethic and intense command of the details of the business. For the past several years, Cheetah’s co-founder, Na’ama Moran, has focused on streamlining back-of-the-house operations for local restaurants and small businesses, working tirelessly alongside customers in their day to day operations.

Moran now sees logistics as the industry’s biggest challenge - and opportunity. In the face of growing consolidation and operational scale, independent operators are increasingly hard-pressed to meet the minimum orders imposed by the larger distributors. Furthermore, local delivery has historically been fragmented, expensive, and low-tech. Her belief is that the answer lies in effective collaboration. Independents have had a dedicated provider for 40+ years in Restaurant Depot. Cheetah simply provides the same customer focus and price transparency for the delivery piece of the equation. Many customers continue to shop cash and carry for various reasons, but when delivery makes sense, Cheetah provides the solution. Together, Restaurant Depot and Cheetah are creating a modern, seamless experience that empowers restaurateurs to focus their time and energy on doing what they do best. For more information:  800 571-5231.