What Food Could You Eat All Day Long and Why?

Plate Staff

“I snack on puffed farro all day at the restaurant. It’s a garnish for our milk-braised pork shoulder. It has such an awesome crunchy texture and nice saltiness, and is perfect for when you need a snack.” — Jimmy Bannos, Jr., The Purple Pig, Chicago

Kristen Murray PHOTO: ©Nicolle Clemetson 2014

“Radishes with French butter and a sprinkle of Maldon salt. The radishes are always refreshing, with just a bit of spice, and the richness of the butter always mellows out any heat.” — Kristen Murray, Måurice, Portland, Ore. 

Mindy Gohr

“I could eat our fudge brownies all day, every day. When you eat them cold, they have this really satisfying texture. And when you eat them warm, they’re soft and slightly gooey. They’re delicious with a sprinkle of sea salt. And, of course, they’re chocolate, so they pretty much check all the boxes for what I want in a food.” — Mindy Gohr, Bittersweet, Chicago

Ignacio Mattos PHOTO: Tukka Koski

“A torta pasqualina. The combination of greens, ricotta, Parmesan and egg is perfect to eat any time of the day, either with coffee or a glass of wine.” — Ignacio Mattos, Flora, New York City

Jessica Koslow PHOTO: Scott Barry

“POPCORN. I like to make popcorn and season it with salt from dehydrated lactofermented foods (like sauerkraut).” — Jessica Koslow, Sqirl, Los Angeles

Ashley Ginsberg PHOTO: Annie Whitehead

“I know from a pastry chef you might expect something sweet, but the one thing I could eat all day is potatoes prepared any way. Cheesy potatoes are great, garlic mashed is also very good. But my number-one is hash browns with maple syrup and hot sauce...I have to have my sweet and salty.” — Ashley Ginsberg, Elizabeth Street Café, Austin

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