English Muffins Escape the Brunch Menu

Nooks and crannies are key to a great English muffin, and make them ideal for any dish that celebrates melty goodness. We found chefs slathering them with chicken liver mousse, cultured rosemary butter and foie gras butter, as well as (ingeniously) frying them to make them hush puppies at Brooklyn's Camperdown Elm. Here are four more ways we've spotted English muffins being served across the country.

City Mouse Photo: Anjali Pinto

Where was City Mouse on our last road trip? The Chicago restaurant in the Ace Hotel features Pasty Chef Angela Diaz’s housemade English muffin in an upscale take on the “gas station sandwich” for brunch. The golden muffins are hearty enough to hold crunchy hash browns, an egg, cheese, grape jelly and sausage patty, but still light and airy enough to sink our teeth into whether we’re hitting the road or not.


At Brooklyn’s Faun, while the menu says these are piadina, we say these vibe like English muffins. Whatever you call them, they are the perfect accompaniment for Chef Brian Leth’s silky chicken liver mousse, dressed with a Concord grape reduction and accompanied by a—genius—skewer of fried chicken skin, for crispy, chicken-y texture.

Purple Pig Photo: Amy Cavanaugh

In Chicago, Purple Pig chef Jimmy Bannos Jr. serves a decadent weekend breakfast sandwich—a housemade English muffin that's fried, slathered with foie gras butter, then layered with a fried egg, links of butterflied truffle sausage and membrillo. The result is rich, lightly sweet and the perfect filling for the chewy muffins.

Love & Salt Photo: Andrea D'Agosto

At Love & Salt in Los Angeles, the English muffins Michael Fiorelli served with his charcuterie board proved to be so popular, he decided to use them for his bread service. The dough for Fiorelli’s muffins (which he calls “Jesus in a carb”) has a tangy buttermilk-yeast base, which he plays up by letting the dough ferment for two to three days before shaping, griddling and baking the muffins. The flavor is further amplified by the housemade cultured butter (topped with fried rosemary leaves and large-flaked salt) served with them.  

can you get the recipes for any of these house made english muffins, please?
Lots of talent seen here!

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